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Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist 

4 fl. oz.


This versatile spray can be used as a toner, a setting spray, or when you need a dewy boost. Your skin will feel revitalized with an energizing hint of mint.  

*Due to natural ingredients, actual product color may vary.

Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist

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  • Key Ingredients

    Watermelon Fruit Extract- a natural astringent containing lycopene which is rich in antioxidants 

    Peppermint- cools & calms the skin & contains antiseptic & antibacterial properties 

    Rosemary Leaf Extract- a powerful antioxidant that provides an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial & clarifying boost 

    Green Tea Leaf Extract- rich in antioxidants, soothes skin & fights free radical damage

    Hyaluronic Acid- attracts & retains moisture to the skin creating a plumping effect, reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles 

    Neem Leaf Extract- clarifies & brightens skin while reducing inflammation & balancing oil production

    Ivy Gourd- fruit extract that hydrates & conditions the skin while providing additional antimicrobial & antioxidant benefits

  • Benefits

    • Leaves skin feeling refreshed & revitalized 
    • Natural astringent rich in antioxidants
    • Quenches & conditions the skin 
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