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My name is Tina McConnell or better known as Aesthetics.bytina and I first wanted to thank you for coming to visit my website. 

Just a quick little about me, I am 32 years old, a true Pisces and have an amazing supportive husband and our miracle IVF baby boy who is the highlight of our lives.

Some background information on how I became an Aesthetician, I grew up loving all things beauty, always doing my moms nails, friends and families makeup, as well as some freelancing and was just obsessed with making people feel beautiful. I decided to start a YouTube channel with a focus on makeup tutorials back in 2010. I loved it so much and liked to think I was fairly successful but most importantly, had so much fun doing it. In 2016 I decided to leave my career job to pursue my love for beauty and opened up a local Sephora Store and had many roles during my time there. While working at Sephora, I quickly realized how much I loved skincare! I took on the role as a Skincare Advisor because I loved learning about the brand, products and ingredients. This is where I decided to pursue a dream career and become an Aesthetician.


I am officially a Licensed Aesthetician and can't wait to help you with any skin concerns or questions.

My goal is to help others feel great in their skin. To achieve their skin goals, to help educate and teach them on what's good for their skin, how to use the products I suggest and just love taking care of themselves. 

Because self care is self love and we all deserve it!


Thanks for submitting!

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